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The new arrivals of designer vegan bags

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Braccialini is certainly one of the fashion brands, which has recently joined the struggle for the animal rights. The Tuscany-established brand manufacturing bags and accessories has long ago decided to use environmentally friendly materials and materials of non-animal origin to create majority of its collections.
Moreover, thanks to the contribution of Graziella Holding – the brand owner since 2017 – Braccialini participates in the European G4F project (Green For Fashion), undertaking to create new bag models using vegan leather and natural dyes.
It is a great result and a perfect demonstration that it’s possible to be fashionable without doing harm to animals. In the coming season spring / summer 2020, Braccialini offers a really rich collection of models suitable for any occasion. All the below-described bag lines are strictly vegan and are perfect for those who want to look fashionable.

The main characters are animals
The collection consists of various lines that differ in colors and shapes. Every accessory is made of eco-leather with fabric applique works and decorations. The material selection has been based on two main conditions:
- manufacturing traditions of Italian leather brands
- search for materials that can be obtained without killing animals
The main characters of the new collection are animals
Britney is a line created for women who is fond of elegant trends and Italian fashion. Britney accessories are decorated with colorful Andy Warhol-style prints with two tigers, eagles, Ara parrots and a giraffe.

Keira bags are made of durable nylon fabric and vegan leather. The main feature of this line is crystal applique works and embroidery depicting a leopard muzzle on some bags or a butterfly on others.

Another leopard is the main character in the Jacquard collection. The collection is made of saddle-bag fabric with a woven pattern consisting of leopard portraits.

To those looking for more uncommon models, Braccialini offers vegan bags and backpacks with amusing illustrations.

For example, with pictures of cute DJ dogs and dog pirates on Pets bags or animal travelers on Stickers bags.

The iconic All-Round line is dedicated to glamorous kittens and puppies.

The range of Carina Bags accessories highlights the love of animals.


Braccialini also offers models for those who prefer a more rigid and simple bag shapes, such as Asia and Michelle.


Rock and Murales accessories are made of materials of non-animal origin and designed for those who love the street and aggressive style.

The Cartoline “Postcards” and Shape lines boggle the imagination with their colorful fantasy and shapes. Cartoline presents postcards for travelers over the most famous world capitals: Rome, Venice, Florence, Tokyo, and Moscow.

Shape are special for being made in the shape of various objects and animals: a spray paint, a Walkman cassette player, and a cute frog.

Both lines are characterized by a patchwork-style use of materials demonstrating that fashionable items can be made of small pieces.


In conclusion it can be said that to avoid animal killing one doesn’t have to refuse trends. The spring / summer collection 2020 by Braccialini perfectly proves that both lifestyles (vegan and fashionable) can go hand in hand. Attention and respect for the wild animal world can very well become the basis for creating a fashionable image.


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