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ERMANNO Ermanno Scervino

ERMANNO Ermanno Scervino

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It’s disgusting that at the beginning of the XXI century, around the turn of 2020, thousands of animals still become the victims of hunters or farmers who breed them for the sole purpose of killing them for profit. Poor, innocent creatures are sacrificed every year not only for their flesh, but for their skins and furs as well. People make money from animals without thinking that in the modern world they could avoid cruelty, considering advanced technologies and discoveries.
Fortunately, not all people are like that, humanity is beginning to change slowly. And some of the world celebrities (actors, politicians, and writers) become representatives of the associations fighting for animal rights protection with the aim to stop barbaric actions against innocent creatures. One of the first among them is a former famous actress and model Brigitte Bardot, who has been a dedicated activist for the last forty years.
Famous for her beauty and independent spirit, BB was the icon of style and femininity during the 1950s and 1960s. She also managed to become one of the few European actresses who made the name in the United States. As an actress, she became notorious of being too “bold” for the bourgeois public of that time, which made it possible for her to play an important role in the cinema history. She has starred in more than fifty films.
Since 1962, Brigitte Bardot began to care about how cruelly people treat animals. During one of TV shows, she denounced cruel treatment and breeding of animals for slaughter and announced that she had become a vegetarian. From this moment, she began her fight for animal rights. Her love for animals was so strong that in 1974 she decided to leave stage and give up her acting career to completely devote herself to this new activity.
In 1986, she founded the Foundation Brigitte Bardot (on this Facebook page, you can find out more about this organization: @FondationBardot). It is a non-governmental organization that fights for protecting animals around the world and for their rights. Nowadays, the Foundation Brigitte Bardot consists of about a hundred employees who work in the central office in Paris and in three animal shelters. Numerous volunteers support the Foundation as well.
The Foundation has a board of directors, which is supported by three French Ministries (of the Interior, of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture). Its main activities include:
• Rescuing and sheltering abandoned animals
• Campaigns for sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats
• Fighting against hunting and violent slaughter of cattle
• Raising public awareness of animals being tortured during entertainment shows (circus, bullfighting...) and scientific experiments.
• Providing assistance to associations by constructing facilities suitable for keeping animals and to associations that face difficulties with animal food and veterinary care.
Brigitte Bardot became one of the first to devote her life to fighting for animal rights, when this topic wasn’t as widespread as it is now. In 1977, she travelled to Labrador together with Greenpeace, conducting an informational campaign advocating to stop hunting seals for their fur.  
Thirty years later, she finally won this battle: it was prohibited to hunt baby seals.
But there are a lot more reasons why the former actress still continues her fight, and has no intention to give it up. Now she is 84 and she lives in her estate surrounded by numerous animals (dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, ponies, geese...). 
She is always ready to help stray animals, offering them shelter in her estate. Being proud of attracting public attention to these important issues, she keeps telling everyone that the injustice that people face is nothing in comparison to abuse and tortures that animals undergo.
«To make the world a better place, you should start with changing yourself».



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