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Humans, being strong in their superiority to the environment, has always used their advantages for indecent purposes, i.e. to gain control over other creatures. In some cases, it was about exploiting animals; for example, when it was necessary to move a heavy wagon, horses were harnessed to it.
Unfortunately nowadays, people are exploiting and torturing defenseless animals more and more for the purpose of entertainment: hunting them, locking them in cages in zoos, harming them by testing cosmetics and medicines...
Here are just few examples of how badly people treat animals and dispose of their lives without realizing that in fact they are sentient being and are capable of thinking and feeling, just like us.
What are the cleverest animals on our planet?
1) A Pig
Do you remember a four-legged little Babe? It’s just a movie, but it is quite real. Those, whom we treat as dirty animals that are worth only eating, are in fact very affectionate, are capable of learning quickly and have excellent memory (don’t make a pig angry, it will remember that!). Pigs are capable of remembering events that happened within the last three years; they can adapt to survive in various conditions. Pigs have excellent orientation skills as well, find the way quickly, and can cover long distances.
And, perhaps, it is amazing that pigs can play video games. According to studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, as soon as pigs were equipped with a joystick and a computer with a video game, they could play it consciously by manipulating the joystick using a bite. Pigs can be creative and artistic. For example, a pig Pigasso is fond of painting.
Pigasso the pig drawing another of his masterpieces
2) An Elephant
Humans hunt them for their tusks, use them for circus performances, tearing them out of their natural habitat. 
Humans train them for shows, using cruel methods of pressure and torture, for example, in a Thai park they are taught to draw by breaking their psyche by tying up their legs, roping them to wooden decks, and stabbing them with iron hooks...

But elephants suffer and agonize, don’t think that they can’t feel anything! Despite being so so large, they are well aware of their body dimensions and can recognize themselves by looking in the mirror. They can not only draw, but play piano as well! Elephants have a mnemonic ability – the ability to demonstrate empathy for their congeners. Elephants use physical contact and various vocalizations. They feel heartache and cry when one of their pack members dies.
Elephants can also understand human language and can imitate some of our sounds.

 Paul Barton playing piano with an elephant
3) A cow and a bull
They have always been human’s companions, but people use them in the most barbaric ways. Besides being killed by cruel methods for their meat and skins, they are also used in various cruel shows, such as bullfighting or corrida.
However, a cow and a bull can recognize each other and develop bonds of friendship with each other. Moreoevr, they like to play and jump, like to listen to music. They recognize their home and can remember the road very well. Cows have saved a human lives a number of times.

A cow playing a ball
4) A horse
Another one of the most exploited animals. They are used for transportation, they are killed for their meat and skins, they are used in various shows: in circuses and for horse races, for betting on them. Nevertheless, horses are extremely sensitive and are also capable of interpreting expressions of a human face and voice intonation. So, if you are making fool of it, it perfectly understands it!
5) A Parrot
Many species of parrots became extinct because of humans. People destroy the parrot’s habitat, cut down forests, destroy the nature, build cities of concrete and asphalt, thus polluting the environment. For the sake of profit, people steal eggs and birdlings from parrot nests to sale them, transporting and keeping them in terrible conditions. People train parrots and torture them for the sake of profit, making them to participate in circus performances and shows or locking them in cages in zoos.
But, it’s wrong to treat parrots just as cute funny birds. Parrots are extremely clever and sensitive. They understand human language and can imitate it right down to an accent. Parrots can repeat even very complicated sounds, such as a violin sound or a phone ringing.
A study conducted in 2011 revealed that parrots have capacity for logic; they can analyze situations and choose the best possible solutions. Earlier, it used to be a common knowledge that only humans and some species of monkeys have such ability. Parrots can find a place where food is hidden. Parrots are known for defending their human friends from thieves or offenders.
Once I asked a friend of mine to carry out a following experiment. He pretended to attack me, and I shouted "Help!" My Amazon parrot Romeo went furious and attacked him the “offender”, holding tightly on him and tearing and pecking him till he bled...
Parrots are very musical, they like to sing and dance. They can remember up to 100 words, understanding their meaning.
Amazon parrot Makesha singing a song "You are my sunshine"
6) A bee
This insect is at risk of extinction for many reasons that resulted from the human activities. Being annoying and useless at first sight, these insects in fact have a capability of adapting, orienting, organizing communities with division of labor and a system of interaction based on altruism, to which the humankind still have a long way to go.
7) A Fox
The most cunning and extremely curious animal. If it is in danger or in a trap, it manages to draw up an escape plan in the shortest time possible. Foxes can be very affectionate and friendly. It is a shame that people do evil to these cute animals, hunting them for fun or for fur.
8) A monkey
People are very cruel to these animals, using them for scientific experiments, testing cosmetics and medicines on them; when training them for circus performances people use electric strikes if monkeys don’t obey. They are chained and forced to take part in street shows, they are hunted, they are killed, they are turned into stuffed animals for fans of dead animals collections...
But monkeys are lively, curious, they learn quickly and even know how to joke.
The studies carried out in 2013 revealed that monkeys have the best short-term memory, they are more quick-minded than humans.
They can solve complicated problems. They have perfect skills to observe and understand situation and to use various tools such as stones to get food.
A three-years-old monkey Asuka painting a picture

Posted by: Eugenia M.


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